How To Reduce Anxiety Before Bed

In this day and age, we can all lose our ability to sleep soundly. We can get hit by insomnia for a night or two which may lead to developing long-term chronic insomnia that makes our lives harder than they should be.

One of the main drivers for chronic insomnia is anxiety and stress. Worrying can indeed prevent you from sleeping through the night which leads to decreased performance, lower ability to focus and can decrease your social skills when interacting with other people, which all leads back to more anxiety, more stress, and less sleep.

Sleep Tonight

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How Stress Can Cause Back Pain

Did you know that stress could cause back pain?

– And not just physical stress – emotional stress, too. Stress is a condition that the body experiences when it is under attack from outside stimuli – usually too much stimuli. Stress can also occur when you are anxious about your career, money or any other daily stressor.

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