Eastern King Platform Bed : A Bed Built for a King

Eastern King platform bed is a sophisticated bed , it’s a bed that makes you feel you have just entered your castle and your house is your kingdom. you can feel pride and luxury and that your house is indeed a place that makes you happy.

If you are looking for a bed for your master bedroom, and you want to feel good when you enter your room this bed is definitely for you

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Bed Specifications :

The bed is upholstered in black faux leather, which gives it a graceful look, and it features polyurethane foam filling for added softness.Built with sturdy wood feet, this king-size bed is constructed to last and adds class to any bedroom decor.

It’s 87 inches width and 98.82 length makes it a perfect fit for large master bedrooms, it’s filling out the space announcing it’s presence and giving you the true feels of kings.

And you know what ?

The customers  loved it !!

It got 4.2 out of 5 stars on total customer reviews on Amazon , specifically it got 35 customer reviews with 74% of them 5 stars, I have summarized those customer reviews on few points :

  • The company is amazing to work with
  • The bed is awesome
  • you may need a power drill if you are willing to assemble the bed yourself
  • and finally, you might find the bed somewhat hard to assemble

Summary :

Those are just some few points you might take in consideration if you are going to make a purchase, I highly recommend you to read all the reviews on Amazon if you are deciding to buy so you can have a  better knowledge of what the customers have experienced with the bed.

You deserve a bed that’s elegant, sophisticated, and makes your bedroom compete with the most luxurious hotels, this is a bed you should take in your consideration.

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