How to Choose the Best Silk Pillowcase?

Choosing the best silk pillowcase is beneficial so that you will have a good sleep and to keep your skin and hair healthy. It is necessary for you to choose the silk pillowcase that can help you to glide your hair and skin easily. Before buying the silk pillowcase, make sure that you have an idea of what are you going to choose because it will easily help you to find your best silk pillowcase immediately.

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How Often Should You Wash Silk Pillowcase

The features of your silk pillowcase are the main factors that cause the changes into your face and skin. To make sure that you will be comfortable in your sleep is to have a silk pillowcase that is clean and fragrant. Meaning, you need to wash your silk pillowcase often to prevent the buildup of your sweat and makeup.

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How long do Silk Pillowcases Last?

If you have been asking how long do silk pillowcases last we have got answer for you. Silk has a luxurious look, and its features can help your skin and hair. So, if you want to have a good sleep, you should take care of your pillowcase to make it last for years in your bed. Your silk pillowcase will last only for about nine (9) to twelve (12) months or one (1) year. The silk is very delicate, so you need to take care of your silk by following the tips on how to wash, dry, and iron your pillowcase so will use it for one year.

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Best Acne Treatment for Teenage Males

Acne is among the most common problems of teens going through hormonal changes and puberty. But, although many teens do have acne, the whole experience tends to be extra difficult for teenage boys.

You can always hear girls talking about skincare, but you won’t find boys exchanging tips on how to have clearer skin with their best buddies. Guys may find it a bit embarrassing to seek help when it comes to their skin concerns. Sadly, there are not a lot of information on male acne and how to prevent it.

There are actually some basic things teenage boys should know about acne.

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Is Silk or Satin Better For Your Hair?

Silk is better for your hair and skin than satin and that’s because silk is a natural material that is spun from natural silk  protein filament produced by the silkworm when it’s forming its cocoon, while satin is a manmade material manufactured from polymers that are extracted from oil and has the same chemical composition of plastic oil.

That was the short answer if you want to understand why this is true keep reading on.

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Skin Conditions Caused By Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are one of the most common conditions that our modern society suffers from.

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes, from social anxiety to work anxiety, and even the fear of being alone could cause you to be anxious. And stress is all around us and it comes from various sources, mainly work can be a huge source of stress but also you may be going through a relationship that causes you stress or even video games might cause you stress if you’re taking it too seriously.

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What Foods Cause Acne and Why?

Acne …

One of the most hated conditions in the world, it affects 10% of the world population, this means around 7 hundred million people are affected by acne and their looks are not the way they prefer.

Why acne happens is a wide topic that we may discuss in a different article, but we are here to talk about what foods can cause or worsen your acne and why do they cause acne, and what alternatives are recommended for someone who suffers from acne so he can recover from the nasty acne.

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What is Sleep Hygiene and How to Improve It

What is sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is the habits and rituals that you practice that relates to sleep, it can vary from exposing to light in the morning to having an exercise rutine or eliminating caffiene afternoon or before bed by 6 hours.

what is good sleep hygiene

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How To Reset Circadian Rhythms

Have you been suffering from social jetlag? that’s what scientists call when your sleep schedule is shifted like you’re living in a different timezone than your environment.

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Pine & River Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets help improve the quality of your sleep, they do so by providing a sense of being hugged or held which promotes relaxation and calmness and ultimately help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Pine & River weighted blanket have been getting lots of positive feedback lately so we have decided to put it under the spotlight and fully review it so you can decide for yourself if this the right blanket for you.

Here’s a quick link to the Pine & River weighted blanket.

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