What Is Depression

What is depression

there are two sides of the story here: the medical & scientific side and the intuition side. In this article, and in every article on this website, we tend to lean onto the intuition side of the psychological problems, that’s because it’s easier to deal with feelings as a feeling than to deal with feelings as chemicals in the brain, or that’s at least what I think.

So, let’s start the story …

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How To Focus On Studying When Depressed

Deadlines do not care about how do we feel …

That’s the cold & harsh truth that we need to go through.

Exams won’t wait for your mood and psychological state to be ok in order for it to start.

Deadlines don’t care.

So how to get through this period successfully, that’s our topic in this article

How to focus on studying while depressed.

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How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety


When you fall down it doesn’t mean that you will be down forever. When you fall in a hole it doesn’t mean that this hole has become your entire life.

depression and anxiety are mental wholes, they don’t define your life and they don’t define who you are.

And when you fall down some times you can stand back up on your own or somebody gives you a helping hand, that’s what this whole website is about, a helping hand for those who can’t stand back up on their own.

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Delicious Sleep

An Article By Guest Author: Sahar.

How wonderful is this sleep, it is that delicious sleep that you find when you want to but some times miss, quite a few actually.

Sleep, or trying to sleep, is full of benefits. When you sleep you watch enjoyable dreams and when you can’t you start planning for various things, you plan things related to your kids,  you plan for cooking new meals, you plan to travel to new places, and you try out new styles of cloth, all of that happens while you’re waiting for sleep until the miracle happens and you fall asleep.

And it becomes more delicious when you are using weighted blankets that warm us from the freezing cold of winter.

CuddleBug Weighted Blanket Review

Are you tired of lying down on the bed waiting for sleep but it never shows up?

Have you been looking for a solution to your sleep struggle and stumbled upon weighted blankets and have decided to invest in one?

You have come to the right place.

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How To Overcome Anxiety And Fear Of Being Alone

Lonilness contain weakness, and with us aging and our kids growing away from us to pursue their own lives and their own goals it becomes clearer and clearer that lonilness means weakness.

with our hair becoming grey our bodies get tired and when we get tired we need to rest but life doesn’t care about our excuses, if there’s no one to do what needs to be done (daily chores, medications, fixing devices, …,etc) life won’t care what your excuse is, nothing going to happen.

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How To Deal With Anxiety At Night

anxiety is one of those guests that have never been welcomed, when you have anxiety you start asking yourself when does this torture going to end and how can I end it right now?!

Having anxiety at night and close to bedtime is considered annoying and for some a torture because the need to sleep is a necessity as we have talked in the last couple posts.

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How Lack Of Sleep Can Make You Lose Your Mind

Many people believe that in order to produce more you need to sleep less, and that is the furthest from the truth on the short and the long run, if you sacrifice your sleep you’re definitely going to get burnt out and your focus will be low and your stress levels are going to be high, which all is going to lead to a low and unproductive working hours that it would be better spent sleeping and recharging.

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The Importance Of Sleep In Human Life

To sleep 8 hours is to live a 2/3 of real and healthy life. 8 hours a day is not losing third of your day but it is to win the rest 2/3 of it.

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How To Deal With Stress From College

College is one of the major life phases that we go through, it’s where our characters get truly shaped and where we define ourselves and who we are.

College is one of the great experiences we could go through in life, where we meet our friends, people that we adore and respect, and where we crave the path for our careers.

But like everything in life, college life has its downsides, and one of its huge downsides is the amount of shock and stress that it puts on the shoulders of the youth that are aspiring for a positive future and great life.

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