Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket Review

Quility premium kids weighted blanket is the #1 best seller in Sensory Motor Aids category on Amazon, and it is definitely one of the best on the market. Many customers of this weighted blanket are happy with their experience and that’s why I decided to give it a full review so you can take the right decision for yourself.

Weighted blankets make you feel like you are being hugged, making it easier for you to relax and calm down which help you sleep faster and stay asleep longer through the night.

If you want to check the Quility weighted blanket you can do that from here.

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ZonLi Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are being endorsed by many people because of how they’ve helped them sleep well and better at night after long nights of turning and tossing, weighted blankets have given them the sleep quality they have been looking for.

ZonLi is another great weighted blanket brand that customers are loving the experiences they’re having with the product. The ZonLi weighted blanket has been getting a lot of great feedback lately so we decided to review it so you can take the best purchasing decision.

You can check the ZonLi weighted blanket from here.

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How To Reduce Anxiety Before Bed

In this day and age, we can all lose our ability to sleep soundly. We can get hit by insomnia for a night or two which may lead to developing long-term chronic insomnia that makes our lives harder than they should be.

One of the main drivers for chronic insomnia is anxiety and stress. Worrying can indeed prevent you from sleeping through the night which leads to decreased performance, lower ability to focus and can decrease your social skills when interacting with other people, which all leads back to more anxiety, more stress, and less sleep.

Sleep Tonight

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How To Sleep 8 Hours Straight

sleep is a big issue for lots of people and reasons may vary a lot. Your sleep gets affected by so many variables and it is going to take some effort until you adjust your sleep routine the way you would like it to be.

But it is achievable, it’s not impossible to improve your sleep quantity and quality, but it won’t happen overnight. Just like any other skill in this world it takes practice, dedication, and patience to improve your sleep because the accumulation of bad sleep habits cannot vanish away just when we want it to.

How to sleep 8 hours straight

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YnM Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are great for resolving insomnia, stress, and anxiety. They are an effective solution for those who desire to have quality sleep at night. Sleeping with a weighted blanket on you feels like being held or hugged making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. Continue reading YnM Weighted Blanket Review

How Does Exercise Help You Sleep Better – A Solution For Your Sleep Problems

sleep is one of the major areas that our modern society suffers from, a considerable number of people suffer from some kind of sleep problem. Literally, people suffer from problems that make them awake at night when they should be sleeping and getting rest to be prepared for the next day.

Many solutions to the sleep deprivation problem have been suggested, and one of the most successful ones is “Exercising”. In the Modern Age we are surrounded by various tools that makes our lives easier and saves us a lot of effort, but the unused energy is still stored inside our bodies and active and it still wants to get released, so how this energy gets released, it is released in the form of stress, depression, and the lack of sleep – This is an assumption I’ve made and of course it needs to be tested, but my belief it’s a good starting point for solving the problems that we have.

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Does Lavender Help You Sleep? End Your Sleep Suffering

Do you ever go through the experience of being extremely tired but not able to sleep?

At the end of the day when you are extremely tired and the only thing you need to is sleep stress and anxiety can prevent you from having it and can lead you to become more tired and stressed out.

lavender: a natural sleeping aid

Stress has many bad effects and one of them is lack of sleep. When you lie in bed stress doesn’t leave you alone or go away and your mind just doesn’t shut off, you keep thinking about what happened through your day, what you should have said in the conversation you had earlier in the day, going through the memories or maybe worrying about the future.

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The Irresistible Benefits For Sleeping On A Silk Pillowcase

Your pillowcase is one of the few things that contacts your skin for long periods of time, so choosing one wisely will probably yield to positive results not just for your hair, but also if you suffer from acne or if the nasty wrinkles are finding it's way to your face you will benefit a lot from sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

benefits of a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are good for three main things, softening your hair, reducing acne on your face, and reducing wrinkles. They are great for solving those 3 problems because of the natural properties that the silk material has. Silk is smooth, breathable, Moisturizing, and hypoallergenic, with these great characteristics working together it's obvious why silk is beneficial and why you should seriously consider it as your main pillowcase.

Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases For Your Hair

benefits of silk pillowcase

Firstly, silk pillowcases are smooth and this benefits your hair a lot. The fraction that your hair has to go through each night when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase damages your hair and causes bed heads and frizzy hair.

The smoothness of the silk reduces this amount of fraction a lot allowing your hair to safely slip on the pillowcase while you are sleeping and does not allow fractions. Which reduces hair breakage and split ends.

Also silk pillowcases are moisturizing and this also benefits your hair a lot. When sleeping your skin produces natural oils that improves and nurtures your hair to be stronger and healthier, and what the regular pillowcase will do is to suck out all of those beneficial oils  leaving your hair dry and weak.

What silk pillowcases will do is that they will work in favor of your hair moisturizing it enough and keeping the natural oils to help your hair become stronger.

Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases For Wrinkles

Silk pillowcases also make a great anti-aging product. A silk pillowcase will be gentle on your skin eliminating  the morning crease that your regular pillowcase leaves on your face.

Benefits of silk pillowcases for skin

This is also due to the smoothness of the silk, it benefits your skin a lot to sleep on a such a smooth and gentle surface with the lowest amount of friction possible so your skin doesn't have to suffer through the night.

Also silk moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated which is beneficial when it comes to wrinkles.

Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases for Acne

Silk has many benefits to people who suffer from acne and sensitive skin in general, the long smooth fibers of silk don't rub or irritate your face and pimples which can make the matters worth.

A secret to acne free skin

Also silk pillowcases are moisturizing and doesn't suck lots of oils which the regular pillowcase does, these sucked oils into your pillowcase makes a perfect environment for bacteria and mites to live and when your skin is exposed to these bacteria your acne can and probably will get worse.

In addition, the  of silk material reduces the amount of night sweating which again can be a great environment for bacteria to evolve.


Silk pillowcases are not the ultimate solution to your hair and skin problems, but sleeping on one can be quite beneficial and complementary to a lot of your beauty activities.

Having a silk pillowcase in your beauty arsenal will definitely be effective in a positive way, so considering one is probably a wise choice to make.

If you have been looking for silk pillowcases for your sleep we've compiled a list of the best silk pillowcases you can find, check them out.

Sleep Your Way To Good Grades : Sleeping Tips For College Students

Many college students have really bad mindset and mentality when it comes to their sleeping, and many of them think that when we sacrifice sleeping we tend to do better in projects and exams.

which actually is not correct and it’s quite the opposite …

Sleeping Tips For College Students

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Baby’s Sleep Dilemma

One major reason for sleep deprivation for adults is their newborns, newborns going to sleep is a major challenge for lots of parents and the lack of sleep for the baby means the lack of sleep for the parents, both of them, because the baby will keep crying and protesting until his problems are solved.

Specialists have different approaches for tackling this problem, some of them suggest to let the baby depend on him/her self and cry his way out to sleep, and some of them have no cry methods and strategies, and both teams have evidence and arguments that their methods work effectively.

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