What Is Depression

What is depression

there are two sides of the story here: the medical & scientific side and the intuition side. In this article, and in every article on this website, we tend to lean onto the intuition side of the psychological problems, that’s because it’s easier to deal with feelings as a feeling than to deal with feelings as chemicals in the brain, or that’s at least what I think.

So, let’s start the story …

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How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety


When you fall down it doesn’t mean that you will be down forever. When you fall in a hole it doesn’t mean that this hole has become your entire life.

depression and anxiety are mental wholes, they don’t define your life and they don’t define who you are.

And when you fall down some times you can stand back up on your own or somebody gives you a helping hand, that’s what this whole website is about, a helping hand for those who can’t stand back up on their own.

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