What About My Hair?! – How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Hair

In this article we are going to investigate the relationship that ties sleep deprivation to hair loss.

We are going to answer questions that can lead us to know if sleep deprivation is a cause for hair loss and if it is how to prevent that from happening or how to minimize losses.

The most effective way to solve any problem is by attacking its roots then going up from there, this way we can ensure it won’t regenerate. So if you have been suffering from hair loss, sleep deprivation might be a cause, and this article might be the solution …

How sleep deprivation affects your hair

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How To Sleep 8 Hours Straight

sleep is a big issue for lots of people and reasons may vary a lot. Your sleep gets affected by so many variables and it is going to take some effort until you adjust your sleep routine the way you would like it to be.

But it is achievable, it’s not impossible to improve your sleep quantity and quality, but it won’t happen overnight. Just like any other skill in this world it takes practice, dedication, and patience to improve your sleep because the accumulation of bad sleep habits cannot vanish away just when we want it to.

How to sleep 8 hours straight

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How Does Exercise Help You Sleep Better – A Solution For Your Sleep Problems

sleep is one of the major areas that our modern society suffers from, a considerable number of people suffer from some kind of sleep problem. Literally, people suffer from problems that make them awake at night when they should be sleeping and getting rest to be prepared for the next day.

Many solutions to the sleep deprivation problem have been suggested, and one of the most successful ones is “Exercising”. In the Modern Age we are surrounded by various tools that makes our lives easier and saves us a lot of effort, but the unused energy is still stored inside our bodies and active and it still wants to get released, so how this energy gets released, it is released in the form of stress, depression, and the lack of sleep – This is an assumption I’ve made and of course it needs to be tested, but my belief it’s a good starting point for solving the problems that we have.

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Does Lavender Help You Sleep? End Your Sleep Suffering

Do you ever go through the experience of being extremely tired but not able to sleep?

At the end of the day when you are extremely tired and the only thing you need to is sleep stress and anxiety can prevent you from having it and can lead you to become more tired and stressed out.

lavender: a natural sleeping aid

Stress has many bad effects and one of them is lack of sleep. When you lie in bed stress doesn’t leave you alone or go away and your mind just doesn’t shut off, you keep thinking about what happened through your day, what you should have said in the conversation you had earlier in the day, going through the memories or maybe worrying about the future.

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The Definitive Guide To Insomnia

Note: the information in this article is not meant to replace the medical advice of a doctor instead it’s meant to support the patient with the information that can help them better understand their case, if you are suffering from chronic insomnia symptoms we strongly recommend to check the advice of a specialist.

If you are having troubles lately falling into sleep and feeling dizzy and tired during the day due to the lack of it you are not alone. According to the American Sleep Association 30% of adult US citizens have reported that they suffer from short term sleep disorder while 10% are suffering from chronic insomnia.

the definitive guide to insomnia
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Sleep Routine – The Key To Sleeping Better

Importance of A Sleep Routine :

Better Sleep

As the evening progresses towards bed time you need to start preparing your body for sleep. At this point in the day your mind and body requires a soothing bedtime routine in order to relax. Bed time routines are a significant sleep aid if you follow them consistently. Your body and mind need to have consistency at this time so that you can learn to fall asleep naturally.

Your sleep improvement plan should include a bedtime and a waking up time. In addition you should keep a list of the herbs, vitamins, and teas you have tried and how well they aided your sleep.

Because your body requires consistency and adjusts only slowly to change you need to stick to each new routine for a week or two before you adjust it. If you are still experiencing difficulty sleeping after you have tried sleep plan for a week or two, you can then make appropriate adjustments. The key to finding an insomnia cure that works for you is to be consistent and determined.


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